Monday, June 14, 2010

Taking A Break.

To my legions of fans. (Visualize tumbleweeds blowing across these pages. Imagine wind howling through the words.)

I have enjoyed writing these rants. I may well come back some day and do more. However, one of my many other projects is writing fiction. I recently showed one of my stories to some editors and authors that I know. Many of them think I have the potential to get paid for my writing. So I will be spending as much time writing as before, but I will be writing fiction instead of political commentary.

Wish me luck.

Thanks again for your interest and feedback.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Want A Degree In High Heel Walking!
College course teaches girls to walk in heel
A government-funded course that teaches teenage girls how to walk in high heels has raised eyebrows in London.

Why has a course for walking in high heels at a local college raised any eyebrows? It is not as if a college education currently has any value.

Over the years the goal of education has changed.

Before government took over, education was provided by and for individuals who wanted to better themselves, and make an impact on the world. After the government took over education, it was to create a class of incompetent, hopeless and corrupt slaves to labor under their slave masters orders, or be sent to the gulags for reeducation.

It was educated people who believed in freedom who created the United States in order to have a better life for themselves and their children. Unfortunately for the government, those are the kind of people that no government that wants to stay in power for any length of time can have as slaves citizens. If you believe that you can make a better life for yourself and your children, you are less likely to accept the abuses that government dishes out. You are more likely to stand up for your rights and fight for them. If the government can convert citizens into slaves, then the government can continue until it collapses from the greed and corrupt that this kind of system promotes. In case you have forgotten your American history (or are a college graduate, and therefore never learned), America was formed by people fleeing a repressive government.

I do have a few more questions and comments for you before ending this rant.

In California (and probably elsewhere), there are many students that can NOT read or write in ANY language!

How could a government that is facing bankruptcy, and the inability to supply welfare for the jobless and the alien invaders, come up with funding for a college class to teach walking in high heels?

How could any college, teachers or staff, allow their premises be used for teaching walking in high heels?

Why aren't the faculty and students rioting and looting and burning down that college and the town it is located in? In California, the students riot and loot and burn down local businesses for the "rights" of alien invaders to invade the United States and for the "rights" of Muslim terrorists to kill citizens in the United States and abroad.

Therefore, I believe that the government controlled education system is finally approaching the degree of success that it has been aiming for all along. Very soon, the only value a college degree will have is to wipe yourself after going to the bathroom.

Obama Celebrates Physicians Unwillingness To Care For Patients.
Obama Presses Congress to Avert Medicare Pay Cuts
“I’m absolutely willing to take the difficult steps necessary to lower the cost of Medicare and put our budget on a more fiscally sustainable path,” he (Barack Hussein Obama) said. “But I’m not willing to do that by punishing hard-working physicians or the millions of Americans who count on Medicare.”

Oh really? Barack Hussein Obama doesn't want to punish physicians or Americans? Then why did Barack Hussein Obama work so hard to get the deeply flawed Health Care Deform bill passed? Why does the "fair" Health Care Deform bill punish both doctors and patients? Why does the Health Care Deform bill have spiraling out of control costs? Why didn't Barack Hussein Obama refuse to sign the bill, and ask for one that does NOT include all the usual pork barrel bills? Why didn't Barack Hussein Obama do any of the things he claimed he would do when campaigning for office?

Day 53: Oil Well Capped. Leak Cleaned Up.
Day 53: The Latest on the Oil Spill

Day 53: Oil Well Capped. Leak Cleaned Up.

What's wrong? Why don't you believe me? You believed Barack Hussein Obama when he fraudulently claimed that the stimulus (welfare for the wealthy) would fix the economy. With millions unemployed and millions facing homelessness, you still believed Barack Hussein Obama when he said that he really did fix the economy. You believed Barack Hussein Obama when he claimed that the Health Care Deform bill would fix the problems with the health care industry AND balance the budget at the same time. You believed Barack Hussein Obama when he claimed he wasn't bowing down to third world dictators and other foreign dignitaries. You believed Barack Hussein Obama was being impartial every time he defended Muslim terrorists that killed Americans. You believe Barack Hussein Obama every time he lies (which is every time he opens his mouth).

So why won't you believe me when I claim that the underwater oil well is capped and that the ocean has been cleaned up? I guess I need to be elected liar-in-chief of the United States before people will believe a big liar and his big lies.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

What Can $30 Billion Do That $800 Billion Couldn't Do?
Obama renews call on Congress for $30 bln job bill
After the worst recession in decades, many small businesses report trouble getting credit. Obama's proposal would establish a $30 billion fund to boost lending to small businesses looking to hire and expand operations by providing additional capital to community banks.

Actually, to be honest, something that Barack Hussein Obama and his czars and commissars will never be, this is the worst depression the United States has ever had. Ever! This is the great depression! This is not a recession. This is not a minor correction. You can NOT ignore the problem and go on with business as usual. Aside from the fact that there are very few businesses left to actually continue in business.

If the almost $800 billion stimulus (welfare for the wealthy) given away to political cronies last year didn't help the economy, how can $30 billion more make any difference.

Oh wait, the $800 billion stimulus (welfare for the wealthy) was political payback for contributing to Barack Hussein Obama's political campaign. So the bill that "you must vote for to find out what is in it", the bill that is "too important for you to have time to read and understand" had the opposite effect of what was claimed. However, the bill had the exact result that was intended. Which is why there are now millions of Americans who have lost jobs. That is why those lost no longer exist and will NEVER come back. Which is why millions of Americans are now facing losing their homes. This is what Barack Hussein Obama calls saving the economy!

If the $800 billion stimulus (welfare for the wealthy) had been divided evenly among all the men, women and children (and illegal aliens that the left wing democrats care so much for), everybody in this country would have gotten a check for more than $100,000 each. If every person in this country started spending money like drunken sailors (or sober congressmen and senators), the current economy would look very different.

So you can rest assured that when the liar-in-chief tells you something, that it is a lie, and likely will have the opposite effect of what it is claimed it will do.

Is Alvin Green Too Moral To Become Senator?
Who’s Alvin Greene? State Asks After Vote
The Associated Press reported that Mr. Greene was arrested in November and is facing a felony obscenity charge; he is accused of showing pornography to a University of South Carolina student. He had been discharged “involuntarily” from the Army and showed no signs of having waged an actual campaign in recent months — no advertising, no staff, no money.

Alvin Green looks like the typical socialist liberal democratic candidate. And like all socialist liberal democratic candidates, his major problem is in getting elected before getting caught. Unlike the Barack Hussein Obama campaign, where the press whitewashed the racist American hating incompetent candidate with no job skills and no understanding of what America is, the press somehow accidentally discovered some of Alvin Green's problems, and managed to not cover them up as usual. Which places the democratic party in the awkward position of trying to explain why they have to pretend they don't know who this guy is and how he managed to run for office on the socialist liberal democratic platform. But as long as the press believes that their job as socialist liberal democrats is to cover up any and all problems with the socialist liberal democratic candidate, this will be a continuing problem.

Friday, June 11, 2010

United Nations Sanctions.
Iran: Sanctions are trash
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad responded Wednesday to the sanctions passed at the UN Security Council meeting, saying they were "worthless" and should only go into "the trash bin," in a report cited by Bloomberg News.

Dateline: United Nations, April 1, 2020

The United Nations issued more sanctions against Iran for firing nuclear missiles against the newest Muslim nation, Italy. Again. This is the 51st time that Iran has fired nuclear missiles against some foreign aggressors. The is the 154th time the United Nations has issued sanctions against Iran for enriching uranium beyond what is needed for medical reasons. And for building nuclear devices. And for firing nuclear missiles against foreign infidel aggressors.

An Iranian official responded by saying that their rockets were not aimed at Italy. They claimed that their target was France. However, since the Mullah of Italy was refusing to follow the orders of the Mullah of Iran, that makes Italy a reasonable target for the ethnic cleansing they (and all other infidels) so richly deserve. The Iranian official continued, stating that since that time, they have now armed the peoples army of Hamas and Al-Qaeda, who are also fighting against agression for their homelands. The Iranian official ended his news conference expressing hope that the new nuclear powers will be admitted to the United Nations where they will soon be able to use words as well as nuclear devices to fight for their right to kill all infidels.

The was quoted as saying that if I "ever attempt to write a humorous article again, they will have my literary license revoked."